Hi Nir...

A while ago, you reached out with some feedback for Symple, a symptom journal for iPhone. You shared some great feedback with me, and we have incorporated much of it into our design thinking. We seem to have some success with Trigger and Action (at least, measurable success). And by definition, the app requires Investment in order for the user to derive any value (visual correlations between symptoms and factors).

One concept, variable rewards, resonated especially with me but has proven difficult to incorporate into this particular project. Years of working on this problem have lead me to this thesis:

  • Symple is an engaging way for our end users to write their health history over time and in a contextually relevant way.
  • Symple helps our end users communicate with their clinicians efficiently and in a way that elevates their stature in the exam room.

My team is small, just me, a primary care doctor and a technologist. 

We want to become lifetime partners with our patient/consumer end users and facilitate a partnership between them and their providers. We have, in our line of sight, telemedicine as a partner. 

The question we have for you and your thoughtful brain is what metrics should we track that identify barriers to lifetime retention?

That's a big, open-ended question. How might we proceed?