What is a Beta test?

Symple's Beta Program invites select users to try pre-release software, for the purpose of providing feedback and reporting bugs. This helps us find, improve and fix things before we release an update or feature to the public. 

How do I join?

First, create and email yourself a backup file. Keep that file in a safe place on your device. 

Next, look for an email from Apple to join TestFlight, the app that Apple uses to distribute beta tests. Once you've downloaded TestFlight, you will be able to access and install the Symple Beta.  

Then What?

Then, it’s business as usual! If you encounter any bugs or unpleasant changes (it happens!), let us know via the Support link in Settings. 


As always, your data stays private to you, even when participating in our beta program. 

The app reports iPhone type, operating system and where the code broke but only when the app fatally crashes. For everything else, you will need to actually let us know through the support link in Settings.

Is the Beta public?

No! Our beta tests are confidential. Please do not install on devices other than your own. Please do not blog about, post screen shots of, tweet or share publicly any information about our beta version until the app has been made public. 

Can I exit the beta program at any time?

Yes, you can always transition back to the App Store version of the app.

  1. make another backup/restore file within the Beta

  2. delete the Beta version from your device

  3. visit the iTunes App Store and download Symple

  4. find and click the backup/restore file generated from from the Beta version

  5. if the beta version does not load, simply delete and reinstall the from the app store. Then, restore from the original backup/restore file held in reserve. This will restore Symple to where it was before you enrolled in the Beta.