Symple symptom journal and health diary

Symple Connect



Only you can tell your story.

  • When was your last tetanus shot?
  • How many sinus infections did you have last year?
  • What's your blood type?
  • Which antibiotic did you use? 

These and other questions can be hard to answer when you're on the spot or in pain. So it makes sense to build up your health history before you need it. 

Don't count on providers or hospitals to do it for you. Their computer systems are strictly regulated and not interoperable. Until you have your medical history documented and reportable, you're at risk for unnecessary tests, unreported results & forgotten diagnoses.

Enter SympleConnect. Our cloud based platform will help you build up a robust, complete history including hospitalizations, procedures, tests, diagnoses, medications, lab results...anything and everything that matters about you and your health. We will help you do the same for your children, and we will exceed industry standards for privacy and security.

Because if we don't, who will?