Introducing the world's most beautiful symptom journal.

Now optimized for iPhone 6 and 6+!

Symple is the easiest way to monitor the ebb and flow of your symptoms over long periods of time. Designed by both patients and doctors, Symple delivers an uplifting experience when you need it most.

Thoughtful design.

We test & perfect every feature, to ensure an experience that is functional and pleasant


Smart graphs.

Rotate to landscape to reveal interactive graphs. Discover patterns and trends in how you feel.


Doctor approved.

Need help communicating with your doctor? The Doctor's Report provides an overview that's easy to read. 

A place for everything.

Easily navigate to the built-in journal to take notes in the doctor's office or to document web searches of your disease or condition. Use the photo feature to keep a food diary or to record medications taken throughout the day. Symple makes staying on top of your health...simple.


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