The backstory


Hi, my name is Natasha. 

I'm the developer of Symple, and here's the story about how I came to build it.

A couple of years ago, I caught a bug going around my sons' school. It was a nasty virus, but everyone got over it eventually. Everyone, except me. 

As a chronically healthy person :-) I had a lifetime's experience of ignoring my symptoms because they usually went away on their own. But this time, they didn't. They kept getting worse, and then they got weird! 

Eventually, I was diagnosed with a rare connective tissue disease. The diagnosis and treatment were determined by blood tests and radiological scans. But my symptoms were an important part of the process too.

My condition was serious. My doctor explained that it was important for me to pay attention to and report my symptoms, not minimize them. But I didn't know which symptoms were important enough to report.

And sometimes I'd hide my discomfort, to avoid another medication, procedure or test.

But Dr. Gordon explained that symptoms can help illustrate how a disease is progressing and if the treatment is working. She motivated me to get smart about my health, to pay attention and report more carefully. So, I looked for an app to do that and, well, you know the rest of the story...

There wasn't an app for that, so I built my own!

Today, Symple is used around the world and captures millions of moments, thoughts and interactions each and every day. 

Since we launched several years ago, many of you have shared your stories and suggestions with me. I am grateful for that feedback because it's helped evolve the app into what it is today (a far cry from where we started!).

I hope Symple helps you in your quest for a more comfortable future. Please drop me a line to share your suggestions or to just say hello!

Wishing you peace + good health.

  • Natasha
  • Founder + CEO
  • Symple Health