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Privacy policy

How we handle your privacy and security

Plain language

This privacy statement is intended to be informative and educational. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to learn about steps you can take to further protect your data. We believe the biggest threat to the security and privacy of your data is if someone – probably someone you know – gains access to your device and enters Symple without your knowledge. Please follow the steps below to ensure access to your devices are secure.

The main goal of Symple Health is to provide features that benefit and help you live your best possible life. We collect the least amount of data necessary to get that job done, and only to be in service to our community of end users. We want Symple to continue to be the world's favorite and most trusted health journal. If you'd like to learn more, please contact us.

Using Symple

  • All data is stored on your device only.
  • If you delete Symple or lose your device, all of your data will be deleted or lost too.
  • To backup your data, you must use the Backup/Restore feature to create and email a file to yourself.
  • Symple sends aggregated and anonymous crash reports and usage data.

We strongly recommend that you make a backup of your data weekly for frequent use, and quarterly for occasional use. 

To back up Symple data, you currently have two options:

Security and Privacy

We may collect non-personal information from your mobile device if you have downloaded our App. As used by many apps and websites, we also use Google Analytics for crash reporting, usage reporting, device and operating system data, and to see where the app is used around the world. In the event of a crash, we will receive information about the device model, operating system, and carrier, which allows us to identify and fix bugs and otherwise improve the performance of our Symple. This information is sent to us in an aggregated, deidentified manner and is not traceable to an individual and cannot be used to identify an individual.

Protection Provided by Apple

Activate either PIN or TouchID authentication for your iOS device: This automatically encrypts your data and prevents any person without permission from using your iOS device. Here’s how to verify encryption is activated.

Erase your data remotely: Set up a feature that will allow you to erase all the data from your iOS device, even if it’s been lost or stolen. Activating this feature is a two-step process.

You must activate this feature before you need it, so you might want to do this now. Please follow instructions above.

Provided by Symple via Symple Complete

Symple passcode authentication: Activate a unique 4-digit PIN code or activate TouchID for Symple. If you share your iPhone, and share your PIN, activating a unique 4-digit PIN code or TouchID will ensure you’re still the only person who can access your data in Symple.