Tomorrow, Apple will announce iOS8, a new iPhone, maybe a wearable, and hopefully some clarity about HealthKit.

Since WWDC, when Apple introduced HealthKit, a bit of uncertainty has set in. A couple of players have left the field, notably Aetna's CarePass. Others have entered. Everyone wonders, will this thing work?

Here at Symple Health, we keep on keeping on! We deeply believe that how we feel is a super important part of our overall health picture. Why should we walk 10,000 steps if those 10,000 steps don't help us feel better, think more clearly, sleep soundly? And how will we know if those 10,000 steps matter?

We continue to work hard to figure this thing out. We are not delivering perfection with every new update (and we apologize for shifting around those time periods on you!). But we are committed.

We are with you.

We are listening.

We hope you will help us grow Symple into the best health journal in the world. Pitch in by leaving us a generous review in the App Store. Because your words really do matter.  

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