Rethinking factors

  • Jenny wonders if gluten-free days are better than others. 

  • Mark is stepping down from 10mg of prednisone to 5mg.

  • Aisha hopes 8K steps are as effective as 10K steps in helping her sleep through the night.

Gluten - Prednisone - Steps

Different factors using different units on different scales. How can we graph steps, prednisone, and gluten on one, tiny graph?

Well, we couldn't, so we dodged this vexing problem by forcing all factors to be binary, either present or absent. 

But we are not satisfied. We need a better way to record and visualize scalable factors along with Apple Health data like step counts, heart rate and sleep data. We are working on a new way to record and render factors, and we can't wait to see what you think.