Struck by turtle

Medical codes are shorthand for diagnoses, symptoms, and other information that go into your medical record. These codes help* your doctor share important information about you, and yes... they help your doctor get paid!

Starting October 1, the US healthcare system will begin using the ICD 10 system of healthcare codes. Symple started using it last year.

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Standard symptoms are coded back to the ICD 10, and you will see them in the Doctor's Report. But some you won't find in Symple, such as:

  • V96.00XS - unspecified balloon accident injuring occupant
  • W5922XA - struck by a turtle (didn't see that coming)
  • W5612XA - struck by a sea lion, initial encounter (there's a different code for subsequent encounters)
  • V91.07XA - burn due to water-skis on fire (?)
  • W6133XA - pecked by chicken
  • V9542XA - forced landing of spacecraft injuring occupant, initial encounter (yep).

* Help is probably the last word most doctors would associate with medical codes. You know that screen that your doctor is pecking at, when s/he should be looking at you? That is a code receptacle.