Sync my data!

This week’s question comes from Stephanie, who asks, "Why can't my data sync between my iPhone and my iPad, like it does on Facebook?"

Well, the short answer is: your Symple data never connects to the internet, and it never leaves your device unless you send it somewhere.

The long answer is: to sync your data between your phone and tablet, we need to send it through a centralized computer, called a server. This server receives your data, stores it, and then serves it back to you when you want it. That means we must be prepared to take responsibility for keeping your data safe, and in today's environment, that's not an easy thing to do.

Our mission is to keep your data safe & private, always.

Therefore, we have to be thoughtful about setting up those servers, make smart technology investments, and commit to maintaining your data responsibly. We just won't do it any other way.

Until then, you can send your iPhone data to your iPad using the Backup/Restore feature in settings. You can enable auto backups of your data by upgrading to SympleComplete. You can sync both devices by restoring your data from the most recent iCloud backup. Just remember…photos are not included in either iCloud or manual backups.