Patience pending

I dislike being a "patient."  For me, the word implies fragility, imperfection, weakness. So I've given some thought to when I feel most like a patient. It's not at home, even if that's where I experience my disease the most. Rather, my patient-hood begins when I step into the exam room, or slide into the CT machine, or lay my arm out for yet another prick of the needle. That's when I am a patient because that's when I feel most vulnerable. The uncertainty following a test, even swallowing a handful of pills each morning takes me out of my normal life and jerks me back into patient-hood. 

This is why I made Symple so simple. Recording symptoms is important, but it forces you to think like a patient. I want to minimize that experience because I hate being a patient. So I think of every tap on the screen as an "expense." My goal, as both a patient and a developer, is to make the "cost" of using Symple as low as possible, and the rewards for using Symple high as possible. 

I think we've done a pretty good job at reducing the costs, now it's time to work on the rewards! 

natasha gajewski