Quantified self

"Like any other form of self-improvement, QS is not about securing an ultimate fix. It’s about noticing how you live now, in fine detail, and moving playfully towards new ways of being — always fully aware that there will be more changes to make when you get there." - John-Paul Flintoff

I recently discovered that Symple was mentioned in this article about the Quantified Self movement. Back when I was just getting started with Symple, I had attended the second QS convention in California. I wanted to learn more about this idea of tracking and self-hacking. What was most remarkable about the conference was how healthy the attendees seemed, healthy yet in search of betterment. 

For many of us, our moments of self-observation are foisted upon us by pain or disability. We hope to make changes that will return us to a remembered "normal." Or for others, we must accommodate a new normal, and we seek tools to help us be successful.

The QS movement taught me many things about observation, intention and motivation. But it's up to me and others in the healthcare industry to take the best ideas of the QS movement and reframe them for a different population.