About privacy

We think of Symple as a diary, a place to record how you feel, in your own words and under your own terms. We know that it's a place to store your thoughts, hopes, fears...even questions for your doctor - anything about your health. We work hard to earn your trust and accept the responsibility to protect your privacy.

So it would be wrong and stupid for us to lose your trust by infringing on that privacy. And we won't do it. You have my word on that.

Your data never leaves your device unless you send it to yourself, a family member, or your doctor via email. Only your photos are backed up on Apple's iCloud.

We are considering building our own backup utility, to save and make accessible your data from iPhone or iPad. But we are taking the time to build something that is robust, secure and exceeds industry standards

In order to keep Symple functioning properly, we study performance in aggregate such as how many apps are opened each day, the average length that users engage with the app, the number of times the app crashed by version, and to track bugs. To do this, we use Google Analytics. We do not utilize AppSpot or AppCircle to advertise or profit from you or your data in anyway.

Contact me directly if you would like to learn more. 

- natasha