Privacy matters.

A recent survey by a large consultancy reported that 90% of respondents were ready and willing to share their health data, and 26% didn't care if their identities had been scrubbed.

That's not what our survey of Symple end users tells us. They're interested in sharing data, but need more information before "opting in." And some respondents replied, quite simply, "My data. End of story."

How should we think about this? The consultants probably reached more people than my survey did, and perhaps their survey represents a broader segment of the population. Or, conversely, perhaps they surveyed a narrower population, such as a group of seriously ill patients eager to share data to accelerate the discovery of a cure. 

Before we start making decisions on behalf of our respective communities, shouldn't we ask what drives their desire to share data or their fears not to share? 

Neither my survey nor the story above answers these questions. So, we'll continue to be conservative about privacy. We built Symple for you. It's yours. It's private. 

natasha gajewskiprivacy