Many folks ask when Symple will calculate and show correlations between symptoms and factors.

I have hesitated to add correlations for several reasons:

  • Would correlations subject us to medical device regulation? (probably) 
  • Could we calculate those correlations incorrectly? (um, of course)
  • And most concerning - might users jump from correlation to causation? (almost certainly)

We often confuse correlation (a relationship) with causation (a reason for something happening).

For example, if you take your medications every morning with a shot of vodka, which is to blame for making you dizzy, the meds or the booze? If you only track "medications" against "dizziness," you'll see a correlation between the two. But are the medications to blame for making you dizzy? Probably not.

Symple helps us think experimentally, to ask questions and make observations. But Symple can't and shouldn't make suggestions. That's the job of your doctor, pharmacist, dietary specialist or therapist.

natasha gajewski