Row, row, row your boat.


I started rowing almost three years ago, fulfilling a promise I'd made when I was still down for the count.

"One day, you are going to beat this thing. And when you do, you're going to sign up for that Learn to Row program; you're going to haul yourself to the boathouse at some ridiculous hour every day; and you're going to pull that oar with all your might."

So I muttered to myself, through teeth clenched in pain dressed! At that time, I couldn't get a sweater over my head much less a boat! But eventually, I got better. 

The time came to make good on that promise. Today...oh I row that boat. I go to the boathouse at ridiculous hours each day; and I pull on one oar, or two oars, or an erg handle with all my might. I'm hooked! 

What keeps me going is the sheer, ridiculous joy I get from moving my body! Moving without pain, without restriction; like anyone who's been sick knows, what a glorious, precious gift that is. 

I want to stay healthy, so why not do something fun and ridiculous and adventurous?

Having your health blow up on you leaves you weak and scared. But it can also turn you into a fearless badass (okay, maybe I'm a badass only in my own mind, but that's where it matters!).

Go find your own platform for badassery...your life is too precious not to!

Our latest update introduces a new way to look at symptoms. The revamped Symptom Detail feature makes it possible to see factors, journal entries, and Apple health data in the same view as a symptom's history. It may look simple, but it was a challenge to execute, and we are really proud of this new feature. We hope you find it useful.

natasha gajewski