Symple symptom journal and health diary


I have to admit I'm a little scared...

Every morning when the alarm goes off at 4:50, I wake up a little scared. Did I oversleep? Is it freezing? Am I going to screw up again? So begins the morning for many novice rowers.

I started rowing almost two years ago, fulfilling a promise I'd made to myself when I was still sick. Back then, I couldn't lift my hands over my head, much less a boat. Today, not only do I have full range of motion in my shoulders, they are stronger than ever before! Part of what keeps me rowing is keeping my lungs healthy and pliable. But I also like conquering my fear, because every row is still scary... is every update to Symple! 

Our latest update introduces a new way to look at symptoms. The revamped Symptom Detail feature makes it possible to see factors, journal entries, and Apple health data in the same view as a symptom's history. It may look simple, but it was a challenge to execute, and we are really proud of this new feature. We hope you find it useful.

In the release notes for this update, I introduced our intention to move to a subscription pricing model. Now THAT's scary!! From other developers who have gone before us, we know to expect backlash, because Facebook and Google have set expectations that everything should be free. But nothing is ever free. You just pay with different currency, usually your privacy.

To stay independent, true to our values, and customer-focused, we need a sustainable revenue stream.  To go completely free, we would have to harvest & resell your data - yuck. Instead, we've built a product by, for, and supported by our community. And that's what we will continue to do.

(I can't afford to lose sleep over questionable ethics and sneaky behavior. I'm already waking up too early!)

If you think about it, it also makes good business sense. Trust is the foundation of our business. If you can't trust our product, you shouldn't use it. We work hard to earn your trust and safeguard your privacy, even if you don't care about it. You might not value your privacy today, but you may tomorrow, and we will be ready.

We promise to roll out these pricing changes thoughtfully and equitably. We will take care of our premium users who have supported us all these years. And to new users, we promise to deliver a product worth paying for. Okay, comment away, just please be nice.